ATTO Disk Benchmark 2.47 최신버전ATTO Disk Benchmark 2.47 최신버전

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USB메모리 속도체크
SDHC메모리 속도체크
CF메모리 속도체크
스마트폰 메모리 속도체크 등등에 쓰입니다.

· Transfer sizes from 512KB to 8MB
· Transfer lengths from 64KB to 2GB
· Support for overlapped I/O
· Supports a variety of queue depths
· I/O comparisons with various test patterns
· Timed mode allows continuous testing
· Non-destructive performance measurement on formatted drives

ATTO Disk Benchmark v2.47

Controlled by 
Select the host adapter that the test drive is attached to. 
Enter the description of the test here. 
Direct I/O       
Use system buffering. 
Specifies the test drive. 
Force Write Access 
Bypass drive write cache. 
I/O Comparison 
Compare I/O data to detect errors. 
Don’t perform overlapped I/O or I/O comparisons. 
Overlapped I/O 
Perform queued I/O testing. 
Queue Depth 
Specifies the number of queue entries for overlapped I/O. 
Run Continuously 
Run the test continuously until errors are detected. 
Perform the test with the specified options. 
Test Pattern 
Specifies the test data pattern. 
Total Length 
Specifies the test file length. 
Transfer Size 
Specifies the range of transfer sizes. 

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Password __

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