HD Tune Pro 4.01 PortableHD Tune Pro 4.01 Portable

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What's new

9th January 2010: HD Tune Pro 4.01 released.

Added option to monitor health status during tests
Fixed display issue with high DPI font settings

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28th December 2009: HD Tune Pro 4.00 released!

Health (S.M.A.R.T) and temperature display support for external drives
Support for drives larger than 2 TB
Supports up to 32 drives
Advanced S.M.A.R.T log functions
Added short stroke testing
Extra tests: quick read/write tests
Added cache test
More information is shown
Benchmark tests can be run seperately
Added option to perform the transfer rate test on the entire surface
New command line parameters

  1. 조은아빠
    잘 받아가네요..^^ 감사합니다~
  2. 디리링
  3. david
    Thank you for your service. It is the program what i'm looking for
  4. 4c
    좋은글 감사합니다.
  5. 행서기
    감사히 잘 받아갑니다~~~

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