H.264가속의 진리 CoreAVC Professional Edition v2.5.5.0H.264가속의 진리 CoreAVC Professional Edition v2.5.5.0

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저사양컴퓨터에서도 H.264 MKV 파일을 빠르고 부드럽게 처리해주는 CoreAVC 2.5.5 코덱 입니다.
동영상이 고해상도 HD영상이 많이 나와 저사양 PC나 노트북에서는 동영상이 종종 끊기는 증상이 나타나곤 하는데.. CoreAVC 2.5.5 코덱은 곰플레이어나 KMP 기본 H.264 코덱보다는 성능이 훨씬 좋습니다. 확장명이 MKV, AVI 파일이 아니라도,  TS, TP 파일도 일반 MPEG-2 코덱을 이용해 인코딩 한 것이 아니라 H.264 코덱인 경우가 많고 x264도 수많은 H.264 인코더 중 하나이기 때문에  x264로 인코딩한 영상 역시 H.264 규격에 맞는 영상입니다.
그래픽카드가 H.264 DXVA를 지원한다면 H.264 DXVA를 지원해주는 코덱으로 설정하면 훨씬 좋은 품질로 동영상을 볼 수 있습니다.
참고로 그래픽카드에서 H.264 DXVA 지원이 안되는 경우 CoreAVC가 가장 빠르다고 합니다


CoreAVC v2.5.x:   What's new in this release


CoreAVC H.264 Video Codec - Version (20110426)

- FIX: Clean reference lists when seeking to a SEI recovery point

- FIX: matrix ordering for buggy ATI DXVA implementation

- FIX: non-transposed matrices for NVIDIA DXVA mode

- FIX: validate GPU type, driver version and stream parameters before using DXVA



CoreAVC H.264 Video Codec - Version (20110328)

- FIX: Windows Media Player seeking with MKV

- FIX: MediaPortal crashing

- FIX: Graphstudio crashing



CoreAVC H.264 Video Codec - Version (20110326)

- ADD: DXVA1 support (with red tray icon)

- ADD: DXVA2 support (with red tray icon)

- ADD: new x64 blit asm code (unified with x86)

- FIX: SPS memory leaks

- FIX: Properly support SPS resolution changes (soft/cuda decoding)

- FIX: Bug in YUV->YUV blit code

- CHG: Unify x86 and x64 CUDA asm code

- CHG: Unify x86 and x64 AVC asm code, enabling SSE2/SSE3/SSSE3/SSE4 for x64

- CHG: Increase max supported resolution (approx 8100x8100)

- CHG: Refactor directshow frontend code

- CHG: Modify CUDA locking method

- CHG: Rearrange/enlarge settings dialog

- OEM: YASM padding bug for OSX target

- OEM: Android support added to SDK



Haali Media Splitter (20110303)

- ADD: AC3 in MP4 support

- ADD: WebM support

- ADD: More H264 aspect ratio options

- FIX: Show error code in GDSMux when muxing is aborted

- FIX: Accept more AAC media types in the muxer

- FIX: Use correct timescales when processing MP4 edit lists

- FIX: Scan the folder for more segments only if the file references external segments

- FIX: Fixed a lot of issues with the mp4 muxer

- FIX: Better support for VC1 in MPEG Transport Streams

- FIX: Aspect ratio processing in certain Matroska files

- FIX: Bug in uninstaller that prevented it from properly unregistering all filters

- FIX: Unrecognized video track in some transport streams

- FIX: Occasional excessive disk I/O when paused



CoreAVC H.264 Video Codec - Version (20091218)

- ADD: Initial support for Windows 7

- ADD: Support for Windows Media Center (in .MKV)

- ADD: Custom fourcc to match the Haali splitter

- ADD: Support for Non-Compliant Motion Vectors (MV)

- ADD: mmx optimizations

- ADD: mmx2 optimizations

- ADD: sse optimizations

- ADD: sse2 optimizations

- ADD: sse3 optimizations

- ADD: ssse3 optimizations (almost 70)

- ADD: sse4 optimizations

- ADD: faster handling of pure-DC chroma blocks

- ADD: new x86 cpu caps

- ADD: Multi-dupe weightp (+Future x264 changes)

- ADD: 64bit support

- FIX: Fix potential failure in CABAC MVD decoding.

- FIX: Proper alignment intrinsics for MSVC and GCC.

- FIX: AVC SEI+userdata fix

- FIX: Focus bug in Windows Media Center that disabled CUDA

- FIX: Better frame re-ordering on difficult streams

- CHG: Supports 16 CPU Cores (was 4 cores max)

- CHG: Support for QuadHD resolutions(4096×4096)

- CHG: New dc_add

- CHG: Faster CAVLC

- CHG: Faster CABAC

- CHG: Faster Deblocking (Massive deblocking overhaul)

- CHG: SSSE3: Faster Motion Compensation (20% faster on Core 2 Conroe and more for Penryn)

- CHG: New CoreNumber for 2.0

- CHG: Initial support for CoreAccount. Linking purchase+account

- CHG: Integrated the Haali splitter into the installer

- CHG: New installer supports both 32/64 bit Operating Systems

- CHG: Filter compiled against ICC (2% speed increase for modern Intel Processors)

- CHG: Updated IDCT to support ARM NEON Cortex A8 Support

- CHG: Updated Blitter YUV/RGB for ARM NEON Cortex A8 Support

- OEM: Initial ARM NEON Cortex A8 Support (iPhone, Touch, Linux, Windows Mobile)

- OEM: SDK NVIDIA CUDA 2.3 support

- OEM: Removed the windows direct3d requirement for CUDA (it can now be native) 

- OEM: Updated GStreamer plug-in

Haali Media Splitter (20091112)

- ADD: Official 64bit support

- ADD: Official support for Windows 7

- ADD: Custom fourcc option for windows 7

- ADD: Silent install flags for each install option

- CHG: Disabled explorer thumbnail support (off by default)

Haali Media Splitter supports the following command line options:

/S         - silent install without any UI

/MKVONLY     - register only Matroska components

/AVI=[yes|no]     - register AVI support

/MP4=[yes|no]     - register MP4 support

/OGG=[yes|no]     - register OGG/OGM support

/TS=[yes|no]     - register MPEG TS support

/PS=[yes|no]     - register MPEG PS support

/WMP=[yes|no]     - register WMP to play in Windows 7

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