트위터 구버전 APK파일 모음 다운로드트위터 구버전 APK파일 모음 다운로드

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최근 카톡과 더불어 트위터도 업데이트되면서 불만의 목소리가 나오고 있습니다.

멘션창,알람,타임라인,파란줄 오류,자신만의 폰트설정,프로필사진 등등 이런문제가 있는데요.

그래서 과거 구버전을 찾아봤습니다.

트위터도 카톡처럼 과거 구버전접속을 막고있긴한데 아직까지 살아있는게 있습니다.

버전별 다운로드 선택

설치후 마켓 환경설정에서 앱자동 업데이트를 꺼주세요.

twitter v3.6.0.apk

twitter v3.7.1.apk

twitter v3.8.0.apk

twitter v4.0.1.apk

twitter v4.0.3.apk

twitter v4.1.0.apk

twitter v4.1.2.apk

twitter v4.1.3.apk

twitter v4.1.10.apk (이미지 미리보기,마지막 4버전)


twitter v5.39.0.zip

스마트폰 기기마다 버그나 호환성이 다르기때문에 자신에게 가장 알맞는 버전을 쓰세요.

팁을 하나 드리자면 트위터앱에서 프로필사진이 바뀌지않는것은 트위터캐쉬가 아직 남아 있어서 그런것인데요.

아스트로같은 어플로 트위터가 설치된 폴더에서 캐쉬를 삭제해주세요.

아직까지 못고치는걸 보면 개발자가 참 실력이 없는것 같습니다.

트위터한국지사 공식트위터 : https://twitter.com/twitter_kr

트위터한국지사 공식블로그 : http://blog.kr.twitter.com/

트위터미국본사 공식피드백https://twitter.com/feedback

건의사항은 이쪽으로 날려주세요.

'I don't understand it to be honest with you,' he said.

'I don't know why anybody can be bothered with that kind of stuff. 

How do you find the time to do that? There are a million things you can do in your life without that.

'Get yourself down to the library and read a book. Seriously. It is a waste of time.

- Sir Alex Ferguson -

영국출처 2011년 5월 20일

Twitter App Changelog

v4.1.7 (2013/09/03)

Bug fixes and improvements


v4.1.6 (2013/08/28)

Conversations have a new look!  They're easier to find and fun to join.

A blue line in your home timeline indicates a conversation between people you follow

The first Tweet in the conversation now appears above the most recent reply

Tap to see all of the replies, even from people you don't follow

This release also includes other improvements:

Optimized for entry-level Android smartphones

Report Tweets as abusive or spam

New notification settings

Bug fixes for direct messages, login verification, and more



Bug fixes and improvements



Now you can protect your account with login verification in the app.  This is a new form of two-factor authentication that you can turn on in your settings and manage through push notifications.

Also in this release:

Enjoy a new gallery view for photos in search results

Other bug fixes and improvements


v4.1.3 (2013/07/17)

This update makes it easier to share with improvements to the Tweet details view:

it's easier to join conversations with a new reply composer

The share button now allows you to share a Tweet via direct message



Now when you read a Direct message it will be marked as read in all of your official Twitter apps (including twitter.com, mobile.twitter.com, Twitter for Mac, Twitter for iPad, and TweetDeck) and vice versa.

We've also made more improvements in this version:

As you search you can now see user avatars and clear past searches from the dropdown menu

Richer search results indicate when there are new Tweets for your query and show account results with bios and social context



Bug fixes and improvements


v4.1.0 (2013/05/29)

The new Tweet composer makes sharing photos easy and lets you preview how your Tweets will appear.  Also:

Richer notifications now include details like avatars and indicate how people are interacting with you (reply, retweet, etc.) for devices running Android 4.0 and higher

Enjoy wider and taller timelines in all parts of the app including profiles, search, and Discover

Receive a notification when a friend has joined Twitter

Improvements to find friends and invite friends features



Bug fixes and improvements



See what's happening near you or around the world by viewing Trends in hundreds of locations.

Get quick access to account switching and settings via the menu button.

Enjoy a smoother experience thanks to bug fixes and other improvements.



Fixes Me Tab loading issues.

Improves UI on Honeycomb (v3.X) devices.



New in this release of Twitter for Android:

We've got a brand new look and feel crafted for Android 4.0+.  Navigate seamlessly between your favorite parts of Twitter with a simple swipe.

It's easier to connect with friends and join conversations with @username and @hashtag suggestions that appear as you search or compose a Tweet

Discover, install, and launch your favorite apps from Tweets

Other bug fixes and improvements


v3.8 (2013/03/06)

This update includes several improvements and bug fixes.

Top Tweets from big moments in the past pop out when you search for a given term. When you tap a Top Tweet in search results, you can see more Tweets about that topic during that time.

Discover shows a new, smoother animation when you pull to refresh for more content.

Additional bug fixes and improvements.


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    너무 감사드립니다!
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    5.0.4버전 한단계 전단계로 올려주실수잇나요?ㅠㅜㅠㅠㅠ너무 불편해서ㅠㅠㅠ
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  15. 혹시 5.39.0 버전도 구하실수 있나요?ㅠㅠ 최근 업뎃분 바로 전버전으로 알고있는데...ㅜㅜ
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    혹시 트위터 4.1.5 버전 있으신가요ㅠㅠ?
  17. 5.39.0다음버전은없나요?ㅠㅠ
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