2010년 DSLR 신제품 전망2010년 DSLR 신제품 전망

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1. 24-Megapixel Nikon D700x
Rumours of a higher resolution version of the Nikon D700 were circulating as early as February 2009, and Nikon certainly needs to act quickly to keep up with the Canon EOS 5D MkII. The D700’s 12-megapixel sensor may be great at high ISOs, but the difference in resolution compared to the 21-megapixel EOS 5D MkII is painful. At the top end of the range, Nikon’s split its original D3 into a high-resolution model(D3X) and high-speed version. Logic suggests the venerable D700 is now ripe for the same treatment. Some sources suggest the D700 won’t get the same 24-megapixel sensor as the D3X in case it undermines its sales, guessing at 18MP or so instead, but Nikon didn’t worry about that when it launched the D700 alongside the D3, so why would it worry now?

D3(1210만)에서 D3X(2450만) 화소의 증가가 있었던것처럼 2110만의 캐논 5D 5D Mark II에 견주기위해 고화소의 D700X가 나온다는 소문

2. APS-C format Canon PowerShot G12
Canon showed with the PowerShot G11 that it wasn’t afraid to step back from the brink in the megapixel war, and the G11’s improved high ISO performance and excellent definition prove what everyone’s been saying all along – that you can’t increase megapixels without increasing the sensor size. And it could be that the G11 is only an interim measure for Canon and a stepping stone towards a much more radical camera, and that an APS-C format PowerShot is on the way. That’s not such a wild idea. Olympus and Panasonic have shown the level of interest which exists in larger-format compacts, and Samsung’s been bouncing around the NX concept camera for a while now. We think it’s not a question of if, but when.

 PowerShot G11은 고화소 전쟁에서 한발 물러나 고감도와 해상도에 집중해 놀라운 성과를 보였구요. 작은 사이즈의 센서에 더이상의 높은화소를 구겨 넣는것은 무의미 하여 좀 더 큰 사이즈의 센서, 올림푸스, 파나소닉, 삼성과 비슷한 컨셉의 제품으로 나올것으로 예상된다고 하네요. 여름에 DIGIC V칩을 달고 출시할 것 같습니다.

3. Canon EOS 1Ds Mk IV
Once, the position of Canon’s EOS 1Ds was unassailable. Now it’s under threat both from rivals (Nikon D3X, Sony Alpha  a900) and its own stablemate the EOS 5D MkII which, let’s not forget, has the same resolution as the 1Ds and an HD movie mode. A new version of the 1Ds is long overdue and some sources are suggesting it may have a radical new square 36 x 36mm sensor. This would retain compatibility with Canon’s EF lenses but offer a larger image area and the advantages of classic square medium format cameras (flexibility in cropping, no need to rotate the camera for different orientations). If Canon took this bold step it would be a showstopper, but at the very least we should expect an increase in resolution and a full HD movie mode

새로운 36x36mm 정사각형 센서(?)가 들어갈꺼라고 예상하는데요 그럼에도 불구하고 캐논의 EF렌즈를 사용할수있다고 하네요. 

4.Nikon D7000
Nikon’s been refreshing its non-professional D-SLR range and the D90 is the last of the old guard left. Technically, there’s little wrong with it, but the model name and some of the features are out of step with the camera below it. The D5000 is cheaper, for example, but has the same sensor and an articulating LCD. We’re not expecting any increase in resolution because Nikon’s only just launched the 12-megapixel D300S, so we predict a cosmetic redesign and a few routine updates. The logical name for the new model is the D7000 and we expect a larger body than the D5000 but an articulating 3-inch 920,000 pixel LCD and some carefully-judged performance advantages. Nikon will be aiming for the D90’s existing market – advanced amateurs who want professional levels of quality and features but in a lighter and less expensive form than the D300S.

 D90 대체할 D7000이 나온다고 합니다. 
D5000보다 바디가 커지고 3인치 92만화소 LCD가 탑제될거라고 하는데요. 다른소식으로는 AF모터가 없이 나온다고 합니다. 그것때문에 모델명 자릿수가 4자리가 되었군요.
D90후속인데 포지션이 애매하게 나올것 같습니다.

5.Fujifilm S7 Pro
Fujifilm launched its high dynamic range SuperCCD SR sensor in 2003 but chose its compact cameras as a test bed before incorporating it into a digital SLR, the FinePix S3 Pro. This was a great camera and the subsequent S5 Pro (which shared the same sensor) was even better. Now Fujifilm has moved on, developing its new high-resolution, high-sensitivity, high dynamic range EXR sensor. This has successfully debuted in a range of compact cameras (F70EXR, S200EXR) and if history’s any guide we can expect an EXR SLR in 2010. Is Fujifilm still interested in the D-SLR market? If so, what are the odds of a brand new 24/12-megapixel S7 Pro?

SuperCCD SR 센서는 정말 대단한 결과물을 보여줬구요 S5 pro에서 더 진보된결과물을 보여줬는데요.
 이제 후지필름이 EXR센서를 사용해 고해상도, 고다이나믹 레인지, 고감도 센서를 만들고있다고 하네요. 후지필름에서 DSLR마켓에 관심이 있을까요?  2400만/1200만 화소의 S7 Pro?

6.Panasonic G2/GH2
Panasonic’s proved the worth of the Micro Four Thirds sensor with the G1, the GH1 and the GF1, but is that 12-megapixel sensor enough? In 2010 we think we’re going to see Panasonic (and Olympus) upping the stakes. So what’s it to be – 14 megapixels, 15, 16? There’s nowhere to go with the sensor size, after all, but there is scope for improvement in resolution, build, continuous shooting speed and features for pros. We could see G-series cameras diversifty into different sectors of the market in the same way as Olympus has developed a whole range of Four Thirds digital SLRs. Panasonic has to move quickly because there’s no reason why APS-C sensors can’t be used in compacts too.

마이크로 포서즈 시스템에서 14~16메가 픽셀의 신기종이 나올꺼라고 예상하네요. 파나소닉은 올림푸스와 같이 신기종을 다분화시켜서 출시할것이라고 합니다.

7.Samsung NX10
The problem for Samsung is that it announced the NX series so long ago, and so little has happened since, that the press and the public alike have rather gone off the boil. In the meantime, Olympus and Panasonic have debuted their rather good Micro Four Thirds cameras and kickstarted this new hybrid market on their own, so that by the time the NX10 does arrive in early 2010 its newsworthiness may be limited. The main features are known already: an APS-C format 14.6MP sensor in a mirrorless body with an electronic viewfinder and interchangeable lens system. Other highlights include 720p HD movies, 3-inch AMOLED screen and two colours, Noble Black and Titan Silver.

삼성은 발표만하고 기다리다가 마이크로 포서즈 시스템에게 자리를 다 내어주게생겼다라고 말하네요. 
APS-C 14.6메가 픽셀, 일렉트로닉 뷰파인더, 720p HD, 3인치 AMOLED가 특징

8.Olympus E-5
It looks as if we can expect a new Olympus D-SLR body in 2010, but will it be a replacement for the ageing E-3 pro SLR or yet another mid-range/enthusiasts body? Most of the Olympus news has concerned its mid-range cameras and Micro Four Thirds, but the company has also invested heavily over the years in its professional lens range, so it would be a suprise if it gave up on this sector of the market just yet. And yet the current E-3 relies on Olympus’s old 10-megapixel MOS sensor, which is nowhere near as good as the 12-megapixel sensor in the newer models, so it badly needs a refresh. So will we get a new pro Olympus body? And, even more interestingly, will it be a Four Thirds SLR or a mirrorless Micro Four Thirds ‘SLR’ instead?

구형의 E-3 1000만화소를 대체할 1200만 화소의 신모델이 나올꺼라는 예상 포써드일지? 아니면 마이크로 포서드일지?

9.Nikon APS-C compact
We’ve heard rumours of a Canon APS-C compact but there’s also talk of a 12-megapixel Nikon APS-C model too, though none of it’s coming from Nikon. The rumours appear to originate from comments made by a Leica representative discussing the sensor in the Leica X1 and have been seized upon and extrapolated by digital camera forums around the world. But is it such a wild guess? In fact, isn’t it a little surprising that Nikon hasn’t made a 12-megapixel APS-C compact already? If Canon does come up with an APS-C sized PowerShot next year, then all eyes will quickly turn to Nikon. Let’s not forget that Nikon was once just as famous for rangefinder cameras as SLRs. Olympus isn’t the only camera maker with an illustrious non-SLR heritage ripe for exploiting.

캐논에 맞서 니콘도 1200만화소의 APS-C센서를 채용한 똑딱이가 출시한답니다.

10.Sony Cyber-shot R2
Sony’s short-lived Cyber-shot R1 was launched in 2005 and disappeared off the radar not long after that as mainstream digital SLRs captured the public’s imagination instead. But it was a remarkable camera with a 10-megapixel APS-C sized CMOS sensor and 5x 24-120mm Carl Zeiss zoom with no mirror but an articulating LCD and full time live view. It was ahead of its time, and we wonder if Sony knows it. What if Sony is planning a new version? Let’s call it the Sony Cyber-shot R2. Let’s say it has a 12x fixed (non-interchangeable) 12x super-wideangle zoom, articulating 3-inch 920,000 pixel LCD, 1.4-megapixel EVF, full HD movies and the 10fps continuous shooting and sweep panorama modes of the Cyber-shot HX1. Interesting, eh?

->2005년에 출시한 하이엔드 똑딱이 R1의 후속작이 결정되었다는 소식입니다.
캐논,니콘에 맞서기위해 1400만화소의 APS-C CMOS센서와 EVF,12x 와이드줌, 92만 3인치 LCD FullHD 동영상기능, 초당10연사기능이 탑재된 HX1??

31st Dec 2009

2010년에는 DSLR은 고화소 전쟁이 계속 이어질 전망이고
똑딱이는 작년 올림푸스,파나소닉의 마이크로 포써드에 일격을 받은 캐논,니콘,소니가 여름쯤에 똑딱이에  APS-C에 채용하여 반격을 준비중입니다. 지금은 출시된 삼성의 NX10은 가운데서 쥐어터질 전망이네요.

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