O&O SafeErase 3 하드디스크 데이터 완전삭제O&O SafeErase 3 하드디스크 데이터 완전삭제

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MS 골드파트너 O&O에서 나온 데이터 완전삭제로 좋은평가를 받고있는 프로그램이다.

중요한 자료를 폐기시 꼭 필요한 유틸리티
프로그램은 평가판이며 기간내 사용제약은 없다.

보안삭제등급에 따라

Random fill
Dod 5220.22

알고리즘방식으로 데이터를 완전삭제한다.

Gutmann방식이 제일 좋은데 시간이 제일 많이 걸린다.
320G 완전삭제하는데 24시간 더 걸렸다.

이 때 하드온도가 급격히 올라가는건 정상이니 염려마시고 끝날때까지 느긋히 기다리면 됩니다.

O&O SafeErase 3 is THE solution for the secure deletion of sensitive data from your hard disk and offers you the ultimate protection of your private sphere. With just one click of the mouse you can securely and permanently delete files, folders and partitions.

The motives for the deletion of files are many. Old e-mail files, internet history, file cache, financial records, company information, and private files ought to be protected from other's access. The reality, however, is much to the contrary. O&O SafeErase puts a stop to this by not only deleting files, but by annihilating them with the help of recognized and recommended methods. In Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, and Windows 2000, O&O SafeErase will protect your computer from the unauthorized access of others to your alleged deleted files.

Version 3.0.1414 (March 04, 2008)



Easy-to-use O&O SafeErase Wizard for Simplified Access to All Program Functions
Secure deletion of files and folders as well as secure disposal of data in the Recycle Bin
Secure deletion of hard disks
A worldwide first in the deletion through O&O TotalErase of entire systems without the need for external boot media
Secure moving of files and folders
Five recognized methods of secure deletion
Deletion or "wiping" of free disk space
Creation of a detailed Log of deletions
Complete integration into the Windows Operating system

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